Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Natural Remedies For Hair Loss Versus Expensive Medical Treatment

As a male, I was expected to accept my hair loss without feeling defeat. Not only did this condition lower my self-esteem, but I struggled to find a suitable treatment option. Yes, I considered both, natural remedies and medical treatment options to treat my alopecia, which was linked to aging. Unfortunately, I discovered many advantages and disadvantages with both of these options and just like everyone else, I spent a lot of money in the process. Below, you will discover my results of natural remedies for hair loss versus expensive medical treatment.

Underlying Illness

There are many causes of hair loss, which is why I decided to undergo a head-to-toe physical. I wanted to know if I had an underlying condition that was linked to my hair loss, before I began seeking a treatment option. I was relieved when my primary care physician told me that I was healthy and my thinning hair was linked the aging process. Some alopecia victims are not so lucky, since they are forced to treat their medical condition, before they can touch on their hair loss.Natural Remedies For Hair Loss

Prescription Medications

There are a large variety of prescription medications available on the market that is effective in treating alopecia. While these drugs offer valuable benefits, they can also have negative side effects that can lead to further complications and other secondary conditions. My physician prescribed oral corticosteroids to treat my hair loss. I discovered during the time that I was taking this drug, it was only a short-term treatment option. After several days of use, I noticed new hair growth and immediately become excited, but my excitement did not last very long. At the completion of the medication regimen, my new hair was no longer growing, but instead was shedding.

Hair Transplants

My physician offered me another treatment option that would guarantee me a full head of hair. Hair transplant procedures are very popular among men and women alike. I immediately was interested in this prospect and returned home to do research on this medical treatment option. When I discovered the positive effects of hair transplantations, my excitement soared, but I was downtrodden, when I discovered the surgeon’s fees. I called my healthcare insurance provider, only to discover that this is a cosmetic procedure that would not be covered under my plan. The costs run anywhere from $4,000-$16,000, which was way out of my reach.


Instead of relying on a trained professional, I decided to do my own research on alopecia medical treatments. Ultraviolet light therapy is utilized in conjunction with Psoralen, a compound that derives from the Psoralea Corylifolia plant. PUVA therapy has been effective in treating various forms of alopecia, but it can have various short-term side effects on the skin and digestive system. I immediately ruled out this treatment option, since I was already familiar with the dangers of UVA light. This form of radiation is highly known for causing melanoma (skin cancer) and I was not willing to take the risk of exposing my body to this harmful toxin.

Onion Juice

I was quite surprised to learn that onion juice can actually aid in hair growth. A comprehensive study showed that 20 out of 23 people, who applied onion juice to their scalp, regrew hair within just six weeks. Scientists believe that the effectiveness of the treatment is due to the flavonoids found in this vegetable. The flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory effect and help fight against male pattern baldness. There are several downsides to this home remedy, which involves a smelly oniony odor and long-term treatment. Of course, this can be done in the comfort of your own home so many people do not find the downsides obtrusive.

Hot PeppersNatural Remedie For Hair Loss

It has been proven that by incorporating hot peppers into your diet, you can see a growth in new hair follicles. The compound that actually makes peppers hot can prompt hair growth. However, there are two downsides to this treatment, one, you may not like the taste of hot peppers and this treatment can take up to 5 months, before you start seeing any improvement. Just because specific natural remedies for hair loss works for others does not mean that it will work for you.


I already knew that protein was the building block for muscle tissue, but I did not know that it could affect hair growth. Some of the best sources of protein are egg whites, fish, milk, and eggs. If you do not like any of these foods, then there are lots of over the counter supplements that contain a high consistency of protein. I decided to give this home remedy a run for its money, by adding 56 grams of protein to my daily diet. After several weeks of taking this recommended daily dose of protein, I discovered several new hair follicles on my scalp, with my muscle mass growth being more apparent.


I was not a fan of drinking water, but after doing research, I discovered that water could help greatly with hair growth. In fact, the hair shaft is made up of mostly water. If you are like me and drink a lot of soda, you should know that this is a major mistake. Soda can actually weaken your immune system and cause you hair to fall out. Water is essential to human vitality, which is why I decided to add 90 ounces to my daily diet and eliminate sodas all together. The results I received, during my 30-day trial period were weight loss, more flexibility, and improvement in my intelligence level, but new hair growth.


Take the time to explore the unlimited natural remedies for hair loss, which have been explored in this video, before giving up on your goal to have a full head of hair. I am not dissatisfied with my results, by no means and remember there is a solution out there that is capable of treating your condition. If you have family members or friends that suffer from hair loss, you could always get together to research your option. For more info click here.

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