Does Rogaine For Women Work?

If you are here you have probably asked this question “ does Rogaine for women work ? ” While men are expected to lose their hair at some point in their life, the same cannot be said about women. Hair loss is no longer a man’s problem, because there are thousands of women that are afflicted with this condition. Unfortunately, the treatment options that are available for men may not be available for women. Of course, this does not mean that women should accept their condition with defeat. Instead you do research until you find a treatment option that is suitable for you

Underlying Illness

While many cases of alopecia diagnosed in men are linked to aging, this cannot be said about the reported cases in women. Most often than not, the female alopecia cases are linked to some form of underlying illness. Women tend to focus their attention on their family and fail to consider their health condition, until they begin noticing hair loss. This discovery will come as a surprise and cause much distress forcing the individual to seek medical attention. Iron deficiency anemia, hypothyroidism, and pregnancy can lead to hair loss in women.

Negative Side Effects

Rogaine has been testDoes Rogaine for women worked by dermatologist around the world and it has been proven to be a very effective over the counter treatment for hair loss. While this product was first introduced to men, but a formula designed especially for women is now available. The main ingredient found in this product is 2% minoxidil, which is found in various brand topical solutions. Two of the most common side effects reported by women are an increase in hair loss and severe dry scalp or dandruff. Does Rogaine for women work or not?

Temporary Solution

Unfortunately, Rogaine is only a temporary solution. In fact, after some research, I found that Rogaine only increases the blood supply to your scalp, as long as you are using it. I noticed that after not using the product for two weeks, I begin to lose my hair again. In order for this product to be effective for me, I would have had to continue to use it for prolonged periods of time. This would have gotten rather expensive and eventually led to side effects. However, I will say that when I used the product, and didn’t work really well.

Timely Applications

If you expect to get the maximum benefits from Rogaine, you will need to follow the directions to a tee. It is recommended to apply the solution directly to the affected area twice a day. Your hair should be completely dry and you must wait four hours after each application to shampoo. This can become a very time process that involves 4-6 hours of hair care daily.

Varying Results

I had to use Rogaine for four months, before I seen any results. When my hair started to grow back, I noticed that it was thicker than before. You should know that the results can vary among different ethnic groups. However, if you use this product for over six months and do not see any results, you should stop using the product immediately and get in touch for a medical physician.

The Conclusion – Does Rogaine for women work?

If you ask me, does Rogaine work, my reply will be “yes”, but again it is only a temporary and very time consuming solution, unless you are willing to commit to long-term use. You may want to research other treatment options, be sure to start by watching this informative video.

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