Beta Sitosterol Hair Loss Results

Beta Sitosterol For Hair Loss – Does It Work?

Over the years, a variety of different products have been given to women and men suffering from hair loss. I am amongst the unfortunate victims of hair loss and would take nearly anything, in order to regrow my hair to a desirable level. With this in mind, I have experimented with a handful of different products, treatments and medications. Recently, I discovered that using Beta Sitosterol hair loss was becoming increasingly popular. Since I was eager to find out more, I made the purchase and decided to give it a chance. Below, you will learn about my experience with this medication.

Understand Beta Sitosterol

I am the type of individual, who likes to investigate and research all foods and drugs that I consume. During my investigation, I discovered that Beta Sitosterol is actually a phytosterol, which is completely used to help lower cholesterol. Amongst the other praises bestowed upon the product, I found that this specific concoction was frequently used for migraines, allergies and hair loss. I also liked the fact that it was manufactured from natural plant extract and was generally considered to be reliable and safe.

Beta Sitosterol Hair Loss Study

The entire purpose for Beta Sitosterol Hair Losspurchasing and utilizing this product was to regain my hair. During my research, I discovered that the product had been utilized in the past to successful treatment Alopecia in men, who were suffering from increased androgen levels. Unfortunately, the same study admitted that the product was only effective, when it was utilized in conjunction with palmetto extract. Although this required an additional purchase, I was pretty much desperate and decided to follow through with the initial treatment plan.

During my short stint with Beta Sitosterol, I did manage to achieve minor results. By no means was I able to regrow my hair to the level that I had originally hoped, but my hair did regrow in small quantities. Unfortunately, I am unsure whether I should associate these results with the Beta Sitosterol or the Palmetto Extract, since the two must be used in correlation with one another.

My Concerns

After utilizing Beta Sitosterol for a short period of time, the results were minute and I was forced to put a halt to the use abruptly. This was the case, because the side effects became overwhelming. When consuming the product for several weeks, I began noticing a dramatic spike in my blood pressure and itching throughout my body. Since I was consuming no other medication at this time, these side effects were absolutely directly associated with the Beta Sitosterol. After a brief search, I discovered that the medication has been linked directly to erectile dysfunction, itching, hives and wheezing. Although I wanted to regrow my hair, I did not want to put my life at risk, during the process.

The Cost And Verdict

I should also mention that utilizing Beta Sitosterol hair loss could be incredibly expensive. There are many effective and less costly natural alternatives. From my experience, Beta Sitosterol can be effective to a minor degree, but the medication’s side effects are too drastic to ignore. For this very reason, I could not recommend it to anyone

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