Azelaic Acid Hair Loss Treatmet Review

Can Azelaic Acid Work For Hair Loss? My Experience And Reaction

Although I put in a great deal of effort attempting to keep myself in tiptop shape, I have been plagued with one major problem for many years. I have been forced to wear a cap on my head, because my hair has been thinning at an alarming rate. If you’ve ever been forced to deal with this type of problem, you should understand how frustrating and depressing this can truly be. When attempting to discover a rectification for my condition, I discover that Azelaic Acid hair loss may very well be a viable option. I made the purchase and decided to give it a try. Below, you will learn about my experience and reaction to the results.

About  Azelaic Acid hair Loss Treatment

Throughout my struggle, I have experimented with a wide array of treatments for hair loss and was usually unimpressed with the results. I am fairly knowledge regarding the ingredients and typically investigate extensive, before applying a cream to my skin or swallowing a pill. With this in mind, I did a bit of research on this specific concoction and was surprised to find that it is primarily utilized for the treatment of acne. Although the medication was designed for this specific purpose, I also discovered that it could replicate the behavior of Finasteride and reduce the DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, within the body.Azelaic Acid hair loss

Bold Claims

This is the primary reason that the medication is believed to be effective for hair loss. In fact, I found that there is an abundance of bold claims associated with the use of Azelaic Acid hair loss. According to previous users, the medication can directly prevent hair loss, while also stimulating hair growth. This encouraged me to follow through with the treatment.

Initial Reaction

When I initially obtained the Azelaic Acid, I was satisfied with the price. Although some of the varieties were more affordable than others, the product that I finally settled with did not break the bank. Also, The tropical treatment is undeniably easy to apply to the scalp. I definitely appreciated the fact that I wouldn’t be required to swallow a horse-sized pill or choke on it in the process. The tropical cream wasn’t overly greasy and it definitely absorbed into my scalp quickly, which was nice. Unfortunately, the product failed to impress in terms of its performance.


After reading the recommendations of previous users and the bold claims by the manufacturers, I had high hopes for Azelaic Acid. Initially, the medication did provide me with some results. My hair did stop shedding and grew back to a barely noticeable degree. However, once I stopped utilizing the product, the results evaporated immediately. When compared to the results that I was able to obtain with the natural alternatives, Azelaic Acid is definitely underwhelming.


All in all, Azelaic Acid isn’t a terrible remedy and it can be effective, but it must be utilized for an extensive period of time and this can enhance the cost substantially. This isn’t a product that I can recommend, due to its inability to deliver long-term results.

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