Examining The Benefits And Effectiveness Of Surgery And Home Remedies For Hair Loss

Do you work within the public or mingle with other individuals consistently? I do and I understand that those I encounter would undeniably judge me based on me appearance. With this in mind, if I wish to give off a good impression, it is absolutely imperative to perfect my appearance in its entirety. Not only is your wardrobe important, but also your hairstyle is even more vital. Those suffering from hair loss will want to regain their hair immediately. These individuals will have a handful of options at their disposal. Home remedies for hair loss and surgeries can be effective, but only one will satisfy your needs perfectly. Within this guide, I will walk you through the benefits and effectiveness of each option.

The Main Reasons For Hair Loss

As someone, who has lost a bit of hair over the years, I have put in a tremendous amount of effort attempting to discover the reason why. Some experts will blame baldness and hair loss on poor circulation and vitamin deficiencies. Others place the blame on wearing a hat frequently. Since none of these problems rested on my lap, I knew this couldn’t be truth. home remedies for hair lossThe fact of the matter is that hair loss comes with aging and hormonal changes. Although I have discovered some rectifications for the problem, it is somewhat unavoidable. Also, those that have a family history of hair loss and baldness will be much more likely to follow in suit.

You should also realize that those, who suffer from hair loss earlier, will likely suffer from a much more severe case of baldness. Since my hair loss started at a very young age, I knew I would need to find a solution immediately! I searched far and wide, while experimenting with an abundance of potential solutions. Further down, I will examine my reaction to each.


Upon discovered a substantial amount of hair lying on my pillow, I knew something was wrong. My hair was falling out and wasn’t growing back quick enough to replace the loss. I immediately rushed out to my primary physician and expressed my concerns. She told me about Diphenlycyclopropenone, which is better known as Diphencyprone. I was initially surprised to discover that this topically administer medication is commonly used for the treatment of recalcitrant warts.

Although I was hesitant to move forward, I trusted my doctor and followed through with it. According to studies, this specific medication is generally effective for 40% of users. Unfortunately for me, I fell into the 60% and was unable to achieve the results I desired. The worst part of all is that the medication is fairly expensive! Also, it can lead to Vitiligo. Suffice to say, if I knew what I know now, I would’ve steered clear of this drug.


After one failed experiment, I returned to my doctor and once again asked for assistance. This time, I encouraged her to provide me something, without any negative side effects and something with a slightly friendlier price tag. She wrote me a prescription for Anthralin and sent me on my way. Although this cream is frequently utilized for psoriasis, it can also be used on the scalp to help treat alopecia.

So, I headed home with new hope. Initially, I was thoroughly impressed with Anthralin. It seemed to reenergize my hair growth and the results were visible. I was happy for a change. And then, it happened. I managed to spread out my hair wide enough to examine my scalp. My jaw dropped, when I discovered that my scalp was red and irritated! Much to my surprise, this is actually one of the most common side effects of the medication. I threw the medication in the trash and decided to start over one more. I was thinking of home remedies for hair loss, but I went back to my doctor one more time.


At this point in my quest, I was nearing my breaking point. I knew the creams just weren’t going to cut it and told my doctor about my concerns. This time, I demanded something entirely different. She told me about a pill called Spironolactone, which can be consumed once a day. Although it is typically used to help block male hormones, which cause hair loss, it is frequently used in the treatment of female pattern hair loss. It definitely sounded like a good solution to a problem, which seemed hopeless.

Once again, I headed home with hope in my heart. I did a little bit of research, before actually consuming the pill, and the acquired information was very uplifting. I consumed Spironolactone for approximately a week and the results were noticeable. I couldn’t believe it! Yes, the medication was slightly expensive, but my dreams had come true. My hair was growing again and I couldn’t have been happier. Once again, my hopes were shattered abruptly.

During my third week on the medication, I began to notice that my breasts were very tender and slightly swollen. I also began to feel ill to my stomach! My legs cramped and I threw up several times in the same day. Once again, use of the medication was put to a halt and I hit a roadblock.

Hair Transplant Surgery

After my condition worsened significantly, my situation became dire and I became desperate. I had tried pretty much everything, aside from home remedies for hair loss and was really at the end of my rope. With this in mind, I began to contemplate the use of hair transplant surgery. I had heard from a lot of friends that this specific procedure could be immensely effective for regaining my hair. Before I plowed ahead, I began to do extensive research, as always.

When examining this procedure, I was initially taken aback by its enormous price. I couldn’t believe that the average cost of the surgery ranged from four thousand to fifteen thousand dollars. Although this was undoubtedly startling, I knew the cost would be well worth it, if I were only able to regain my hair. I also discovered that this surgery wouldn’t be covered by my insurance, so the brunt of the responsibility would fall directly in my lap. Again, I was entirely fine with this, as long as I could obtain the results that I desired so badly.

Now, the transplant surgical option took a turn for the worse, when I started to delve into its side effects and effectiveness. First, the surgery requires anesthesia, which comes with a minor risk, which is worth noting. Also, it is possible that the transplanted hair may not take root or grow at all! Finally, shock loss is a possibility. The entire purpose of the surgery is to help my hair regrow and shock loss would only result in further hair loss! I knew immediately that transplant surgery wasn’t for me.

Delving Into Home Remedies

At this point into the game, I had nearly given up. Then, I was scouring through the Internet one night and came across an incredibly informative video. The video provided me with an abundance of information regarding home remedies for hair loss. I had tried everything, but completely neglected the home remedies, which had been used throughout the generations. These techniques were effective in the past, so they should be effective now. Below, you will be able to discover some of the home remedies that I tried, during my attempt to kick start my hair growth.

  • Henna leaves and mustard oil
  • Ground Fenugreek seeds and water
  • Scalp massages
  • Grapefruit seed oil
  • Tea tree oil
  • Lavender oil
  • Specialized diets

Although I was initially skeptical, I decided to give some of these solutions a try. At this point, I had truly tried everything and had very few alternatives left. Before going any further and examining the results that I were able to obtain, you should learn about the benefits of home remedies.

Benefits Of Home Treatments

When compared to the aforementioned alternatives, the home remedies are undeniably much safer and user-friendlier. The benefits of making the switch to these solutions are truly enormous. I will break these down in depth below, so you can understand why I decided to utilize off the cuff solutions.

  • Much less costly than OTC and prescription medications
  • Come with very few or no side effects
  • Can be obtained very easily and you may already own the necessary ingredients
  • Treatments can be carried out in the privacy and comfort of your own home
  • No need to visit a doctor and pay an expensive fee

Whether you’ve tried prescription medications or not, I recommend experimenting with home remedies for hair loss. I did and now wish I had done so much sooner.

My Results

Now, you really need to learn about the results I managed to obtain, while utilizing home remedies hair loss. I obtained the ingredients and began performing the treatments in my home. Within a few weeks, the thinner portions of my hair had thickened substantially. I was thrilled and continued carrying out the treatments. After two month, my hair was thicker and fuller than ever before! I continue utilizing these techniques frequently and I have never been prouder of my hair. If you’re hesitant to try something, just because its called a home remedy, you shouldn’t be. They can work better than the alternatives! They did for me after all! With this in mind, I encourage all that are suffering from hair loss to follow in my footsteps and do the same.